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Brands love motorsport! And what it gives companies is a way of promoting their brand to a new audience, with an unrivalled coverage. The USF Juniors Series visit the top circuits in the US. As we share our racing with the Indycar package, the same fans will also engage with our series. With the racing that takes place, we always get great coverage!

Live TV coverage

Every USF Junior race will be live-streamed on YouTube, and the USF social media channels, making it incredibly easy for fans, sponsors and friends and family to follow all of the action. The race weekend shows will include pre-race build-ups and post-race analysis, and offer followers of each championship more depth and detail, live from the track, than ever before.

Online, print and social media

The championship generates a continuous stream of online and print media coverage. Press releases are regularly sent to regional, national, international and motorsport publications, together with news and features on the championship and its drivers. Every test and event is extensively covered. There is also a strong social media presence with official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. 

Race day audiences

USF Juniors will race alongside the Indycar Championships at the majority of its events, forming one of the most prestigious and best supported packages in motorsport.


Championship photography

The championship benefits from an official photographer during the main season, covering all aspects of the series from driver portraits to paddock shots and on track action.

What else can we offer you?

Motorsport is expensive and to continue to make my dreams a reality, fighting for race wins and championships, I need support from companies and brands who want to support me.

We can offer our Partners great coverage over social media, through my Facebook and Instagram channels, with mentions before, during and after every race. Social media is king, bringing your brand to new people all over the world, right onto their phone or computer.


My race overalls are a blank canvas, making them a great advertising board for your brand, perfect for your branding.

And then we get to the car, the biggest billboard of all, especially a front running one! Being photographed a lot, as well as being captured by the live TV cameras and spectators when the car is on track or in the paddock, whether it be a small part of the car, or a larger proportion, your brand will be seen.

We would love to talk more about how we can bring your brand to new followers, working on a specific personal plan with you, to maximise the exposure you get. Visit the contact page to get in touch.

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